Special Delegates’ Conference, Ogere 2021

Ogere 2021

In accordance to the laws guiding the Labour movement in Nigeria, our dear Association headed out to Ogere Resort, a place with a serence ambience which is located at Ogere-Remo, Ogun State, along Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, to execute the review of our Constitution which spells out the modus operandi of ASSBIFI.

About Ogere, Ogun State, Nigeria

Ogere (also referred to as Ogere Remo or Ogere-Remo or Ogere – Remo), is an ancient town in the present Remo Division of Ogun State, Nigeria. The town was founded circa 1401 A.D. Ogere is part of the Ikenne Local Government area of Ogun State. The ancestral home of the Yorubas is Ile-Ife. Oduduwa is the ancestral father of all the Yorubas inside and outside Nigeria. The people of Ogere are Yorubas. They hailed from the ancestral home “Lagere in Ile-Ife” in two different emigrations led by Olipakala and Lowa-Lida respectively. The two are Ile-Ife crowned Princes.

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The Central Working Committee (CWC) Meeting

The Central Working Committee (CWC) held their meeting on Thursday, 25th November, 2021. The meeting began around 3pm and it lasted long into the evening. Many issues were deliberated upon which cut across both Unit and Natiional issues as it affects ASSBIFI members, Units and its interest at large. The meeting ended at about 7pm.

The National Executive Council (NEC) Metting

The next day was slated for the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting which began at 10am, and just like the CWC meeting the previous day, issues were raised and decisions were made in that regard. it was a very productive event as it prepared members and delegates on issues which were to be treated at the Special Delegates’ Conference. But be fore then…

The Gala Night

After some years of it being suspended (obviously due to COVID-19 regulations), members gathered once again at 7pm on Friday, 26th to unwind, wine and dine. It featured many exciting moments, dancing and singing. There were a lot of merriments and refreshments to go round. Members retired to their rooms by 10pm to get prepared for the main event.

The Special Delegates’ Conference (SDC)

The Special Delegates’ Conference (SDC) is usually organised for a specific purpose, and this was one of such purposes; the review of our Constitution to suit the changes in the world of work as the case may be. There were grey areas which needed special guidance and we had the representative of the Registrar of Trade Unions to assist us in that regard. There were breaks inbetween to give members some time to stretch their legs and rest their minds a bit. At the end, the task was done and it was smiles all round as members retired to their various locations.

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